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Human nature discusts me at times

.....if ever one were to try to cram the entire documentary of the fall of human civilization, their corrupt discusting tendencies, and their unquenchable need for the spot light into a two hour film, one could do nothing more perfect than Resident Evil.

Ok shooting my mouth off here is probably going to earn me more than my share of hateful comments but you all can fuck off and listen to me.

The fact that no one cared that the "things" in the movie were at one point humans disturbed me. The fact that when the one chara's sister turned zombie was murdered people clapped distubed me deeply. But then again maybe the fact that the two people next to us were under the ages of fucking 5 and 4, maybe that was the major clue that we have fucking fallen into nothing. It's not an issue any more that people around us are hurt. It's no longer a problem to watch sensless death, violence, all aimed at something that once had a soul, once had a mind, once was a living breathing entity. You ever think what it'd be like if it came true? Were at a fucking age folks were it not all that much of a dream. in the end violence is violence. Acted or not it's there and we need to try and stamp it out, not increase it.


I mean, you'd think that there would be moments when people would think, "Hey- why were these stories written.... who could have thought something so horrible sadistic? Why am I paying money- why am I encouraging it?"

We feed into the hands of terrorists. They simply watch us spending more money on a single film than some third world counties GPA. They watch us then enjoying a movie of gun slinging, ass kicking, head blowing violence. And we gasp and tut-tut when they strike back. Even if some one wrote a movie about September 11 before it happened- you want to know the reaction? It would probably be "Wow that's sweet man" "Yea did you see the camera angles as that one dudes head split in half?!" "I know- it was like, sooo cool watching that guy burn baby!"

... I suddenly realise- ...I am not a perfect human. I'm good though- because if the people who write this shit; the people who enjoy grotesqu displays of man power and violence rolled into one nice neat evil-corporation package; are the root of all these horribly discusting things around me- the people who pollute this world with their trash and their minds full of hate and instant gratification.... if these are bad - I am most certinly NOT in the same boat as them.

And to you all who enjoyed it I ask you to think long and hard about that decision.

and for those of you who want to know why I stayed- it was so I could be with my boy friend, ((who FYI didn't like it either)).

the movie was horrible- but the reactions of people.......were far more disturbing than anything they could have put on that screen

I have no words left for this.

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