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I was re-reading the entry below... "...what is wrong with me" want to know the scarey thing?

... I don't remeber writing that.

it's funny I usually forget ((probably block)) the times I'm most depressed but I can't remeber writing that.... oh well not like it matters to you all...

**sigh** Phil-sama is going to be gone all spring breakyyuuuuu.... Dominican Republic Vacation.... ..... I'm missing him allready- what will I do this summer when he's gone 6 weeks? In Japan?

With all those pretty Japanese girls who are so much cooler than me?

I'm so scared....

but I should trust him right? I should love him for whatever he chooses right?!!!

I'm so tired and depressed the screen is swiming before my eyes.. I think I need to go to sleep.

[Nikko signed off @ 10:37 P of M]
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