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My bowels are trying to eat me

....yea odd comment but my stomach hurts very badly...
....maybe I shouldn't keep popping those Cream Savers? Naaah.

I am muchly happy- why? I got myself some sugoiiiii stuffs' from Books a Million- InuYasha # 10, and Fushigi Yuugi # 6 -- and the COOLEST- Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice!! XD Lestat you sezzy sezzy bitch....

SPEAKING of which....

Go here -- must visit for a Dir fan on the prowl for coo' piccies.

This girl I met @ Oriental trader said if I'm into Dir I'll probably enjoy Malice Mizer.... dunno dunno must d/l songs and if I enjoy I shall buy CD from OT-- they FINALLY got in JRock-- it's up at the front and it's like "YAY!" n.n;; they tried to sell me the Musak vId's from deg, but I allready had it----- >_^ b hee!

Oh and whilest my train of thought remains on DEG, I made a quiz, which I shall upload shortly onto my server, and I think my new layout will either be the grapic thingy I did out of sheer boredom or a DEG one. Obssessed? Me?? O_O YES!

OH and I'm gonna buy myself Angelique- only 7.50$ -- >_<,, all those pretty bishounen in one manga... whee.

Any one know where to buy any of the games?? o_O?

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