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Ai ai ai , where's my sammuri?

Hey world.

My sister made it into the VPA! ^_^ I'm so muchly proud of her- allthough she was worried I knew she'd make it.... n.n b goooo nut-meg! XD

^^;; In other news- I've been playing DDR like, as much as I can @_@;; b my dad put in the mod chip on Monday evening and ever sence I've been like yea n.n;; I'm slowly but surley getting better- only like, once did I fail and that's because I tripped over my own two feets @_@;; lol baka Nikko...

Kirsti is suuuch a sweetii!! ^^= She sented me a note and I wrote back with some crapp art of mine ((Zechs sweating and blushing while unknown hand strokes his cheek.... o_O;; I hope it wasn't Treize's hand x_X;; y.u.c.k.ii))--- any how she said she wants to get to know me more and that contrary to wha I think I'm not a loser and I'm awesome and yea. Now to write my note to Heather-chan, who is just as cool as Kirsti ((she makes her bishounen her husbands!! ^___^;; I think she was in the fourties last time I checked...)) -- oh oh oh and Kirsti is a D fan! -_- Not as big as me because well that just isn't happening ((lol ;; )) but that's just sooo coool ne?! ^_^

And and Mike might give me Tokyo Babalon- he's gonna give it to me or to Kim who'm he --- .... neveeeer mind I'm not sure I should say that n.n;; -- any way I hope I get it >.< ,, b Subaru and Seishiro-sama are sooooo perfectly wonderful !!! =3 Many happy times of melting and lub....

o_< Bastment Jaxx Where's your head at kicks man--- >D I think it should be "Where's your head at bitch" but um... I think that's a little more than any one needs right?

Viola and Kenny took a vow of like, self "celibacy" ((aka their hands are no long their best friend)) for 2 weeks- XD Viola's being sooo mean to Ken Ken and shiz doing "naughty" things ... lol n.n;; heh.

And I finished "The Queen of the Damned" -- truuuust me read the book-- it's sooo much better than the movie.... >.<;; I haven't even seen it except for preveiws but question- did the twins even get major roles in it? o_O;; I mean they couldn't have been left out sence they were like.... majorly big in the plot line @_@;

=D Ah, all life smells like strawberrys.

[Nikko signed off @ 2:41 P of M]
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