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No offence Mike but I will never truly understand you as far as your romantic endevors are concerned. Do you still like Chibi? And Tika? And Alaia? And Tiffany? And what about the girl on the phone? Are you dating? @_@;; Too many twists for mah poor blonde brain to comprehend... know what I just realised? Why is hair colour associated with braincells? o_O;; ... ok whatever. BOO!

.... last night on the phone Phil-kun said in essence I was smart but I was kinda a slacker. ... -_- ; ehhhhhh------ true ... and I pesterd him for it but still -- ... I'm working damn hard and I always keep up my grades- except when Pippen eats my soul then I slip but yea. -_-;;; Oh and--- what IS it with guys and constant huggies? o_O:; Sometimes I need a liiiil' space you know... and I'm scared to say something lest I look like a bitch.... ...**cou-Erik-gh** ....

... can you tell that I'm in pain? Betcha' can can can- stupid eye doctor dialated my pupils- and I tried to lie down with no lights.... reading and anything close is near to impossible.... but it was driving me insane lying there and simply thinking thinking thinking........... GAH! @_@;; WhooooooooNk.

...why don't people comment in my journal? I'm that boring? That much of a bitch?

Thanks love you too.


bite me. THE PAIN THE PAIN! @_@

[Nikko signed off @ 6:52 P of M]
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