LaLa (sake_chick) wrote,


LOLZ- that's right... after countless searching and being a lazy pain in the ass I have decided to return to my lovely LiVEJOURNAL (TM)!! Oh the joys of trade marked bliss...

man man man- not like everything in the world hasn't fallen down around my ankles- but this is the way things hang at the moment...

I've coughed so long and so hard I've pulled, possibly torn muscles in my chest and sides- and I've got the cartlidge between the ribs all inflamed so all in all it hurts to breath, let alone put on a bra ((OH GOD it hurts to wear a bra -wince-))

Phwee- I think Phil-san blocked my ass. Mhm I really think it to be so. I'm supposing it was after I laughed at him and Slut... well I was on so many painkillers, it was just so funny to see him all dressed up for LotR- but then again the way the birds landed in the fake palms seemed REALLY funny too... whoo yea. Pain.

I think this is gonna be where I rap it up dude- I'm in pain. Oiiii.
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