LaLa (sake_chick) wrote,

Dear fuck it's been to long

Really it's been to long. I think I'll start writing here again. Just a place to vent. I think it's been long enough that no one will be reading. Yum

Talking to some one I made friends with online... my mother got mad at me when she read I told him I was his muse of penis enlightenment. Glory and hells bells. But she gave me the finger and so it turned out ok in the end. I've come to realise I'm totally cowed by my parents. It's rather emberassing.

Phweee... my little speck of awesome likes "The Royal Tenenbaums". I want to curl up in mad crazy giggle fits and die right this second. Oh if I could only be his muse - I hope that in some half crazed way I am. Mmm.

Well I should eat. I'm hungry.

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